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Beranda Gaya Hidup Kesehatan Symptoms of Brain Cancer You Need to Consult a Doctor

Symptoms of Brain Cancer You Need to Consult a Doctor

Symptoms of Brain Cancer
Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Symptoms of brain cancer are generally difficult to recognize because they can be very similar to other milder diseases. That’s why many people who have brain cancer are often late diagnosed and ultimately, late getting treatment. Read on in this article to recognize the various symptoms commonly caused by brain cancer. That way, you can get treatment faster.

Symptoms of brain cancer that you need to be aware of

1. Seizures

Seizures are one of the first symptoms of brain cancer, especially if you have never had a history of previous seizures. This is caused by cancerous tumors that irritate the brain to make the brain’s nervous cells work uncontrollably, and cause your limbs to move suddenly jerking.

Symptoms of seizures are not always malignant. You may experience severe seizures throughout the body, jolts (twitches) in certain body parts, stiffness of one limb, or a stiff sensation in one part of the face. Seizures can also be a change of sensation (sight, smell, or hearing) without loss of consciousness, dazed momentarily, eyes glazed an instant, or other signs that the patient is not aware of even those around him.

2. Headache

In addition to seizures, headache is another early symptom arising from brain cancer. However, what is the difference between a brain cancer headache with a common headache?

According to Mike Chen, a neurosurgeon at City of Hope Hospital in California, headache can be a symptom of brain cancer when it comes suddenly, happens continuously, and tends to get worse because it does not treat the usual medication.

Headache signs of brain cancer also often occur when you wake up in the morning, due to increased brain pressure during bed in a long time.

The severity of headache can vary greatly, depending on the size of the cancer tumor or how fast the tumor grows.

3. Weakness and numbness

Every gesture is regulated and controlled by the brain. The existence of cancer tumors can disrupt the work of this brain, causing the body to lose its motion function. Body weakness can occur on one side only or both.

Brain cancer can also cause the body to experience numbness or tingling in the hands and feet. Numbness and tingling occur because the tumor develops in the brain stem, the place where the brain is connected to the spinal cord.

4. Changes in vision

Brain tumors that attack or are near the eye nerve may cause double vision, blurred vision, and gradual vision loss. You may also see white dots or rings that float in your visibility.

But unfortunately, most people are not aware of these various vision problems as symptoms of brain cancer. You may not even pay attention to your eyesight changes until you continue to experience negligence while on the move, such as wall-to-wall obsessions for mistaking distance or even car accidents over and over again.

Moreover, the severity of this change in vision can be different in each cancer patient, depending on the size and type of tumor.

5. Changes in speech

Speech stuttering or stuttering, talking rambling, to the difficulty of saying the name of the object when already on the tip of the tongue is a key symptom of brain cancer of the frontal or temporal lobes. Lobes are areas of the brain associated with motor function of language and speech comprehension.

6. Cognitive impairment

Brain cancer can cause cognitive impairment, such as difficulty remembering, poor concentration, easy confusion or confusion, difficulty thinking clearly, difficulty processing information, and difficulty understanding what others say.

7. Losing balance

Motor function and body coordination are controlled by the brainstem. If there is a malignant tumor in this part of the brain, you tend to be easy to lose the balance that can be marked by feeling shaky when standing; standing tilted to one side unnoticed; often fall; making it difficult to walk, especially in the dark.

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The balance problem is also a symptom of silent multiple sclerosis, that’s why brain cancer symptoms are often misdiagnosed. So, consult your doctor if you suspect the above symptoms occur to you.

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