Collection of Words of Wisdom as Life Inspiration

Collection of Words of Wisdom as Life Inspiration
Collection of Words of Wisdom as Life Inspiration

Collection of Words of Wisdom as Life Inspiration – Spiritual Psychology ~ True power is from within, true strength comes from identity & true strength lies in conscience.

Wise, is that wise?

wise is a reflection of a person’s attitude and behavior towards something he sees based on what is in his mind correctly in any situation and condition and is objective and able to take important meaning / lesson from what he does. In other words, a wise person is a person who is able to make the right decisions either directly or indirectly without taking a fair and objective side.

We can see whether the person is wise or not based on his words, a wise person usually interacts with a common language or language that is understood by all people, this is so that the language and interaction are easily understood and responded to by various groups. A wise person has the characteristics of being polite and calm, never in a hurry, and always firm.

Behavior, wise people have very different behaviors compared to ordinary people, this is because their behavior that affects most people or objectively influences their behavior, the actions that make others see differently make wise people said to be very charismatic.

Thought, it is very visible from their way of thinking, that wise people have a universal way of thinking or using God’s perspective. Why is it universally called God’s perspective? Universal is whole and objective, why is it said to be God’s perspective, let’s see.

Somewhere there is a car and 2 people each on both sides. When the person in the right corner sees the car, he also thinks that the car is very good, seen from the appearance. Unlike the second person in the left corner of the car, he saw the car and thought that this car had been damaged and destroyed. Why is it different? yes, the two people only saw from the side they occupied and saw, the person to the right saw the car was very good, but the person on the left saw the car was broken and damaged.

If we look at it universally or with God’s perspective, we will be able to see it in its entirety, not only from the left, right, front or back, but we will see it in its entirety, in the whole that is real, and we will get the truth. Because that is how God sees, never see on the one hand or the conditions experienced by its creatures subjectively, but thoroughly, and this is what causes God to then have a just nature.

This is what makes many wise people can be said to be someone who is very fair. Most wise people are people who are very old, why? In their lives wise people always learn what they do, always see what they think and always say what is truly a truth, in other words they use experience as their guide, in correcting mistakes made and making things more well again from what was repaired earlier.

Then are we including wise people? It is only you who knows how wise and wise you are in what you are.

Tips for being a wise person:

1. Using good and friendly interaction will influence the response of others to you.

2. Always keep an eye on what you think, so you can see and control the attitudes and behaviors that are done.

3. Using the Universal way of thinking, this is the most important, start now also see with this method, both in your mind, your eyes and even your feelings, so that it can cause fairness in yourself and so that you can easily find a true truth very real.

4. Always learn what we do. Using experience as a guide in behaving, acting and thinking to correct the wrong and make things better than those that have been fixed.

5. Influencing people with actions, behaviors and ways of interacting to make other people see and take the lessons contained in what you convey.

6. Try to use the principles of effective-efficient and objective in taking and determining decisions.

May you be a wise person and make many changes on this earth.

God Bless You & May Peace be with You


In living life, there are times when humans experience tidal rhythms. Sometimes feeling happy, grateful, and positive, but sometimes also feel down, upset, and feel lazy. Especially if you are facing severe problems.

When the difficult situation comes, besides moral support, words of wisdom, especially those that can provide motivation in all circumstances. Whether it’s sadness because of relationships, life, or sadness because of yourself.

Well, you are experiencing a situation where you need motivation. Summarized from, here are some choices of wise words that are expected to give you a shot of enthusiasm.

Wisdom wise words of life

1. Blessed,

not because everything is good

but because you are able to see

good things from everything.

2. Learn to be calm,

because I have ever regretted being in a hurry

Learning to stop being angry,

because I often see remorse for being angry

Learn sincerity,

because I know Allah is Just

Learn to start again,

because life goes on.

3. Less intelligent can be improved by learning

Poor skills can be eliminated with experience

But dishonesty is hard to repair.

4. Complaining will only make our lives more depressed

While being grateful will always lead us to the path of ease.

5. God is not promising

the sky is always blue,

flowers always bloom,

and the sun always shines.

But know,

that He always gives

rainbow in every storm,

laughter in every tear,

blessings in every trial,

and answers to every prayer.

6. Just a few things that will make you happier;

everything is in yourself,

in your way of thinking.

7. Yesterday,

however good or bad

has passed.

Today is

time to look at the sky

bright blue.

8. Like it or not,

it is the wound that matures us.

9. When you are tired and disappointed,

then at that time you were studying
about sincerity.

10. If you feel your burden is heavier than others,

that’s because God sees you stronger than others.

In life, humans certainly know love. Whether it’s love for your spouse, friends, family, work, or hobbies. These feelings appear to make you feel alive. But not only sweet, sometimes you also have to feel the bitter life of love.

Because if you are ready to fall in love, then you also have to prepare for your love to fall like wise words about the following love life. Well, of course you have to motivate yourself to rise every time you feel bitterness in love.

Wisdom words about love life

11. To save you from the wrong person

God breaks your heart.

12. Forget those who hurt you yesterday,

but don’t forget those who love you today.

13. Never struggled then broken

Ever wished to be disappointed

Is it hurt? Be patient

God does not sleep

Your life is set

Just try it, just pray

Everything will be alright.

14. Give up everything that is lost and leave

That means opening the door for the better and the new.

The world is the flow of examinations;

don’t stop interpreting it.

15. Just believe it,

God holds all prayers.

Then He released one by one

at the right time.

16. Disappointment is one of God’s ways of saying:

“I have something better for you.”

17. Let all be on track as they are

Passed properly

And it ends with it should

18. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up

But realize that there are things that cannot be forced

19. We are busy looking for the perfect

it turns out we missed the ready

Take it as it comes

20. All must change,

whether you want it or not.

All must be separated,

want not to want.

Everything will end,

ready not ready.

After understanding the bitter sweetness of a love life, you can also correct the mistakes you usually make in a relationship. And finally meet the dream partner. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you throw the following words of romantic wisdom to add to the sweetness of the relationship.

Romantic wise words for boyfriend and partner

21. Play as queen

In every dialogue the rest of my life.

22. Simple in love,

sincerely accept shortcomings,

and faithful in establishing relationships

the key to a good relationship.

23. That smile makes this heart bear.

24. You are the way to hiding, recovering from silence.

25. I may not be smart, but I know what love is.

26. I love you straightforwardly, without complexity or pride;

because I know there is no other way to love you.

27. When I want to smile,

I know exactly what I have to do.
Just close my eyes and think of you.

28. You are the first person I want to tell the good news.

29. You are my favorite notification.

30. I may not be perfect, but I will love you wholeheartedly.

Words do have their own effects. Likewise with wise words that can make you wiser in looking at life and its various dynamics like the example above. Hopefully these words are useful to make your life better